"The next time I have to come in here I'm crackin' skulls."-The Breakfast Club-

Meet The Band

  • Michael J Roxx - Lead Vocals, Pac-Man High Score And Space Invaders Champion! After years of traveling through time thanks to Doc Brown's Flux Capaicitor, He gained experience playing gigs throughout the space time continuum.  It was playing his parents prom at the Hill Valley High School "Enchantment Under The Sea Ball" that he met Marvin Berry who convinced him to stop time traveling and introduced him to Weird Science.  
  • Myndi Lauper - Lead Vocals, Choreographer and the only member who actually looks hot in SPANDEX!  Born as the result of 2 adolescent teens and a computer program Myndi was already on the path to stardom.  In 1985 Universal Films approached her about making a movie about her life story.  After it's release she felt it was time to team up and form the most awesome 80's band ever Weird Science.
  • CC Deskillz - Lead Guitar, Backup/Lead Vocals and Perfectionist!  An accomplished guitarist in the 70's, he is best known for being the first guitarist to smash his guitar on stage.  Unfortunately this tradition was occuring during the bands opening song, and being at the time he only had 1 guitar, resulted in many VERY short shows. CC boasts to have the worlds largest collection of guitars which includes 1 Electric, 1 Acoustic and over 11,000 Air Guitars!! 
  • Willy Idol - Keyboards, Keytar, Rhythm Guitar and Rockstar to the Rockstars! An accomplished keyboardist known in the early 80's for his work with such bands as "Jesse and The Rippers" and "Gem and The Holograms".  It was in 1986 when his life was changed after touring with worldwide pop sensation "Menudo"  It was there that a young Ricky Martin pushed him to take it to the next level and start Weird Science
  • Slinky - Bass, Backup/Lead Vocals and Ladies Man!  Slinky works down at the music store and gives us really good deals on cassette tapes!! He's in the band because we couldn't find another bassist and his mom has a station wagon.  She lets us borrow it to get to gigs and he always has rad mixtapes on him!!  Did we mention his parents have a really cool basement and let us practice down there.  So for us, it's kinda a no brainer!!
  • LL Cool K - Drums, Beats & Rhymes! Born in Hollis, Queens ever since he was a child he was rapping . His passion for Hip Hop lead him to a career in the industry & his 1983 single "Goin Back To Maui" hit the radio.  Sadly the world wasn't ready for a white rapper yet, so he sold the the song to some rapper who thought Cali was better than Maui for $20 and a bag of Pop Rocks!  He took to the drums and after touring 2 years with Taco, joined Weird Science!