"It's a really long story Chet. Gary and I were messing around with the computer Friday night. We decided to make a woman and we did and she went crazy and she messed up the whole house."-Weird Science-

About Weird Science......

Welcome to a time of Spandex, Atari, and Aquanet.  The totally awesome decade known for “Back to the Future”, “The Breakfast Club”, Madonna, Power Ballads, and of course, “WEIRD SCIENCE”.  The years in which only Bon Jovi could make New Jersey a rad place to live!  This is the 1980’s!

Weird Science is The Ultimate 80’s Experiment.  A professional, energetic, and entertaining group that recreates the sounds, sights, and feeling of that amazing decade of pop culture!  Weird Science consists of five members: Michael J Roxx, Myndi Lauper,Willy Idol, LL Cool K and C.C. DesKillz.

Fronted by both male and female vocalists, Weird Science features top notch musicians including powerful keyboards, screaming lead guitars, thumping bass, and tight percussion.   Our shows include costumes, lighting, contests, and all of the most popular song selections of the 1980’s.  The best part of the show is that we encourage audience participation!

Weird Science is now available for clubs, bars, private parties, and corporate events.  Weird Science will provide your venue with The Ultimate 80’s Experiment!


"This song is an oldie.... ...Well, it's an oldie where I come from." -Back to The Future-

Some Of The Totally Rad Things People Are Saying About Us!!!


We would like to thank Weird Science for putting on a totally awesome show last night!!! The crowd loved it! This show is one of the best on the Island!!! CAN'T WAIT TO DO IT AGAIN!!!!    --Napper Tandy's (Long Island)


You guys absolutely KILLED IT.. as always :)  LivingSocial loves Weird Science and we definitely look forward to doing lots more shows with you in the future.  The show you put on (with the balloons and the costume changes, etc.) is just awesome for our people and trust me, the feedback has been great. 800 new people now LOVE weird science.  --LivingSocial Events  


Loved your Show!!  Last friday was the first time Ive ever had the pleasure of hearing your band play....and I was so pleased I did get to hear you play. You guys (and girl) made my night out.....I was the girl dancing like a lunatic on the dance floor....haha...I work  two jobs and go to night school, but when I  do go out I like to have a blast and I totally had a blast with you all! Thank you again! --Erin (Long Island)


Saw u this past fri at Napper Tandys for the first time. We loved u guys. -- Heidi (Long Island)


I had a blast last night. These guys really rock-- Vinny (NYC)


Simply the best!! Luv this band, It really was a GREAT party because of you guys-- Gracie Voges (Long Island)


Saw this band at Long Island Ale House a while back and they were absolutely awesome !! Great entertainment!!--Debbie Gaffney (Long Island)


Once again you ROCKED THE GAP!! We all had an awesome time..can't wait for the next time.--Brian Embley (Maryland)


Myndi Lauper was amazing as Lady Gaga at the Burlington County Library Amphitheater. Really enjoyed everyone and a stroll back in the 80's with Weird Science. Made our anniversary really special. Thanks--Barry Kaye (New Jersey)


Just saw this band for the first time tonight at Rose Tree Park. What a fun, nostalgic, rockin' time we had! Hope to see them in PA again soon!--Brandy Henderson (Pennsylvania)


You guys are amazing!!!!!! My husband and I saw you at Cove haven last night! Love the 80's!!!! You put on an amazing show!!!!--Erin Carrasquio (Pennsylvania)


You guys are the greatest. I had the best night ever singing with u at Captain corner. Thank you so much so glad we found you.--Alicia Labreck (New Jersey)